I tramp a perpetual journey.

About Me

My name is Kylee Banaszewski. I’m 19 years old. I grew up in a town called Grosse Pointe just outside of Detroit, Michigan. I love hockey, the ocean, reading, writing, The¬†Office, coffee, succulents, Texas, extra chromosomes, lots of music, bubble tea, making people laugh, tropical islands, pit bulls, my ukulele that I haven’t learned how to play yet, America, the color seafoam, extra buttery popcorn, Ron Swanson, healthy coping mechanisms, conspiracy theories, candles, economics, bubble baths, Twitter, pretty handwriting, online shopping, and organization.

I’ve always been generally happy and very strong mentally, but I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression, much like most human beings have at some point in their lives. I hit rock bottom during my first semester of college at Texas Christian University, and I ended up spending a week in a psychiatric ward after completely losing my shit. I’m not ashamed of having been there. I made the decision when I got out of the hospital to turn my life around. I saw what changes needed to be made and I made them. I’m now the happiest I’ve been in a very long time, and I want to help other people find it within themselves to grow in the ways that I have.

Despite being in a very good place, I absolutely do not have all my shit together. No one does. But I’ve learned recently that fulfillment doesn’t mean having one’s whole life planned out and knowing exactly how everything’s going to end up. It means learning to be okay with not knowing and just dealing with things as they come. This blog is an account of my own experiences that have completely fucked me over but ultimately ended up working out for the best and shaping me into a person that I’m proud to be. My wish is that readers will take something from it and realize that there genuinely is hope, and that they have the power to create a life they love.